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Help for Online Educational Events

Whether you’re attending a U of I Tax School webinar or  in-depth seminar, the platform used and testing instructions remain the same. This page contains a platform tour, details on testing your system, how to enter the session on the day of your event, and troubleshooting information. If you have questions beyond what you can find below, please call the Tax School Office at 217-333-0502.

How To Join A Webinar & Tour BigMarker Webinar Platform

The webinar platform that Tax School uses for all webinars and online seminars is BigMarker.

  • No software to download or install; completely browser-based
  • It does not use Adobe Flash, so no complications with “Allowing Flash”
  • No Java updates needed
  • All online live events will include instructor video, in addition to the PowerPoint slides.

DOWNLOAD PDF – How to join a webinar and tour of the BigMarker platform.

Entering the Live Session

To enter the live webinar or online seminar the day of the event:

  1. Log into your Tax School account on this website.
  2. Scroll down to the event information and click the Join Webinar button as shown.
  1. Depending on which browser you are using, when you click on the button you may see a message that you need to enable popups. Click Allow (or whatever the permission wording is) to allow popups on the Tax School website, and then you should be able to get into the session.
  1. Once you enter the webinar or online seminar, you will need to enable audio. There should be a grey and white link in the middle of the screen that you need to click. If you don’t see that link, exit and re-enter the session. If you still don’t see the link or hear audio, ask in chat for assistance.