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Two More Key Provisions of the SECURE 2.0 Act

In our blog on January 23, 2023, we covered two key provisions of the SECURE 2.0 Act: automatic enrollment of employees and the delay of RMDs. This week, we will…

Shedding Light on ERC Audits

It should come as no surprise that the IRS has been looking into ERC claims as a result of the widespread misinformation revolving around qualifying for and claiming the credit. The IRS has issued Information Document Requests (Form 4564) to some taxpayers claiming the credit, and in some cases has also scheduled Payroll Tax Return (Form 941) audits.

Pros and Cons of Portability

The concept of portability of the basic exclusion allows the estate of the first spouse to die to transfer the unused exclusion amount to the surviving spouse. This provides an additional means of avoiding ill consequences from over-qualification of the marital deduction. While this may seem like a straightforward decision, tax practitioners should consider the pros and cons of making the election.

Ugly Donkeys Get Beautiful Results in Tax Court

The following is a reprint from the 2022 University of Illinois Federal Tax Workbook, Volume A, Chapter 3: Rulings and Cases. The video is a discussion of the case between…

Understanding Farm Tax Reporting: A Guide for Tax Professionals

As a tax professional, it\’s crucial to have a clear understanding of the various forms that farm taxpayers use to report their farming income and expenses. The tax code provides specific guidelines and requirements for farmers to accurately report their financial activity related to their farming operations. Let\’s take a closer look at the key forms that taxpayers typically use for farm tax reporting purposes.

Leveraging the Power of ChatGPT and Other AI Tools in Your Tax Practice

With the advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, there are now powerful tools available, such as ChatGPT, that can greatly streamline your tax preparation practice and enhance your productivity. This article explores how you can effectively use ChatGPT and other AI tools to optimize your tax preparation practice.

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