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Volume Workbook Sales for CE Providers

Contact Kelly Golish at 217-333-0502 or kgolish@illinois.edu to find out more information about volume sales of these books!

Continuing education for tax preparers is vitally important, and we know that professional continuing education organizations frequently have a need for new and updated content in key areas of federal taxation.

Attractive wholesale pricing available!

Federal Tax Workbook

The 2019 University of Illinois Federal Tax Workbook is the "go to" tax reference used by tens of thousands of tax professionals across the country.

  • Written by tax preparers for tax preparers
  • New content written annually
  • Organized with multi-session CPE seminars in mind
  • Includes dozens of Practitioner Planning Tips
  • Digital and print formats available
  • Customizable covers available
  • Ordering deadline is August 30, 2019

Our 2019 Line-Up:

The Illinois Tax Workbook is an excellent resource for tax practitioners with clients of all types. I have used the Workbook to teach from in numerous states for many years. It is easy to teach from, and attendees give the Workbook rave reviews for it's to-the-point discussion of complex tax concepts and explanations of how those concepts can be utilized on behalf of clients with accompanying examples and IRS forms as helpful illustrations.
      — Volume Sales Customer
2019 Volume A Cover
  • Individual Taxpayer Issues
  • Calculating Basis
  • Schedule K-1
  • Rulings and Cases
  • Ethics in Tax Practice
  • Agricultural Issues and Rural Investments


2019 Volume B Cover
Working with U of I on the Federal Tax Workbook has been a wonderful arrangement. Our company internally wrote our own seminar materials for more than 30 years, but partnering on the Federal Tax Workbook has been one of the best decisions we ever made. We want our tax materials to be both an excellent book to have in front of seminar attendees for two days, as well as a valuable resource book when they return to their office. This book always delivers on both counts.
      — Volume Sales Customer
  • QBID Update
  • TCJA Update
  • Small Business Issues
  • Selected Real Estate Topics
  • S Corporations
  • Special Taxpayers

Let our technical expertise and tax content drive the success of your seminars!

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