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Seminars and Webinars

The University of Illinois Tax School offers various live tax continuing education events annually. Click on any of the links below to visit the webpage for that event.

The Fall Tax School is a 2-day live seminar offered annually. This seminar updates tax professionals on relevant tax legislation, new IRS rulings and cases, provides regulatory ethics CPE, and also includes topics dealing with troublesome areas of tax law or areas that arise infrequently enough that a refresher is helpful.

Fall Tax School presentations are also offered via 1-3 hour live webinars in December and January each year.

In-depth live seminars are offered each year based on recommendations from Tax School participants. These seminars provide an opportunity for tax professionals to explore topics more deeply. Participants can enhance their expertise with these topics and potentially open their practice to include a new area of tax law.

2017 Fall Tax School

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Fall Tax School Webinars

All of the Fall Tax School webinars are currently open for registration except for Illinois Update, which will open in October.

Previously Offered Webinars

In-Depth Seminars

Previously Offered In-Depth Seminars

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