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Update on 2022 Federal Tax Workbook

2022 Workbook Review photo collage

Workbook Review by Chapters Aug 3-5, 2022


Recently, more than 25 Tax School staff, instructors, authors, reviewers, and stakeholders from across the country gathered at the University of Illinois to review the Federal Tax Workbook. The book goes to print in mid-September and will be used to teach thousands of tax professionals about what’s new and important in the wide world of tax preparation.

As of this moment, we are in the final stages of preparing the 2022 Federal Tax Workbook. The 3-day meeting that just concluded involved tax professionals going through each chapter, page-by-page and line-by-line, to verify accuracy, completeness, and relevance of the content. As of the end of the meeting, the 700-800 pages of content is ready for a final readthrough by internal staff.

The process for creating this book is long (and sometimes arduous). It takes a full year and involves the brains of dozens of tax professionals, not to mention ideas and suggestions from attendees of tax continuing education programs throughout the United States. The Federal Tax Workbook has been published annually for the majority of University of Illinois Tax School’s 82-year history (see Tax Workbook Archives), and I am amazed and inspired when I think about how many people have had a hand in its creation – as well as have learned from it – during that time.

Sometime soon, we’ll share a full picture of the process. For now, we’re sharing a few pictures from the meeting that just concluded. You can see a full list of the chapters included in the 2022 Federal Tax Workbook below. These will all be taught at Fall Tax School, coming to you virtually in November 2022.

Volume A Topics

Volume B Topics


By Gina Marsh,  EdM
University of Illinois Tax School Director
Gina Marsh, Tax School Director




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