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September 2020 Filing Deadlines

September 2020 Filing Deadlines

Time for a September “Mourn”

Stay with me a while…I only want to talk to you…

Well, friends, September is here and hopefully with its arrival comes more normalcy to our tax preparation world (whatever “normal” is).

With hopes of helping you find yourselves again after traveling half way ‘round the world, I thought I would take time to remind you of the impending items which are now standing in the door.

Due September 15:

  • 3rd quarter estimated tax payments for individuals and calendar year C corps
  • Calendar year S corporations on extension from March 16
  • Calendar year partnerships on extension from March 16

Due September 30:

  • Trust Returns on extension from July 15

Reminder: Even though many due dates were changed, the extension dates did not change. No sooner are you going to get through this September mourn than you will face the equal mourning of October 15. It’s right around the corner for your individual and calendar year C corps on extension.

Dancing until the night becomes a brand new day will need to wait until November…

by Tom O’Saben, EA

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