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Answers to Important Illinois Tax Questions

On January 18, our Illinois Tax Issues & Updates webinar was packed full with nearly 1,000 attendees. The audience was very engaged, and over 100 questions came in during the presentation. Since it was a 1-hour webinar and time didn’t allow for most of these questions to be addressed that day, instructor Sue Voth has graciously put together a video that addresses most of these questions and has them categorized by topics. This video will also be available in the account (student portal) of all the registered attendees that day. Please confirm all information provided with your own research, experience, and best practices.

You will notice a table of contents below the video. Once you hit the play button, you can use the slider to advance to the question you are most interested in based on the time code provided.

00:00 Introduction
00:18 Empower Illinois
02:32 Solar Renewable Energy Credits
06:12 Electric Vehicle Credit
08:35 Employee Retention Credit
14:23 Pass-Through Entity Tax
34:30 Rebates
37:16 Secure Choice
45:48 Taxes Paid to Another State Credit
46:34 Illinois Educator Credit
47:35 Bonus Depreciation
48:35 Property Tax Rebate
49:11 Illinois Health Insurance Benefits
49:40 Net Operating Loss
50:00 Education Credit
50:13 Form W-2
51:04 Power of Attorney

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