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Mumford Hall on University of Illinois CampusGeneral Information

The University of Illinois Tax School provides high quality, low cost tax education to tax professionals. We are an accredited sponsor of CPE and award CPE credits to those who attend our seminars. Over 6,000 participants in Illinois attend these seminars each year.

The two-day Fall Tax School is offered annually between mid-October and mid-December at various locations throughout Illinois.

Topics taught vary from year to year, and include:

  • Latest federal tax updates,
  • Tax issues related to individuals,
  • Small business issues,
  • Regulatory ethics,
  • Retirement,
  • Special taxpayers,
  • Recent tax law cases,
  • Different tax entities,
  • and other taxation topics of special interest to tax professionals.

The Federal Tax Workbook comprises two volumes, one of which is provided to attendees on each of the different Fall Tax School seminar days. This workbook is also sold to other universities and associations offering similar tax seminars throughout the United States.

In-Depth Seminars are offered each summer and fall based upon requests from Fall Tax School participants. Typically, one of the seminars relates to a specific type of entity, such as closely-held corporations, LLCs, S corporations, partnerships or trusts. Another seminar addresses topics of interest to practitioners with farm clients. Occasionally, additional topics are offered addressing an area of taxation that is troublesome or complex like The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

In addition to offering the tax seminars, we also publish and sell specialty workbooks. These books are updated periodically in order to provide tax practitioners with the most up-to-date and accurate taxation information.

Program Information

The University of Illinois Tax School is part of the Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We are located in Mumford Hall, a nearly 100-year old building on the South Quad in Urbana, along with much of the Department of ACE.

Tax School History

  • 1940. First schools in DeKalb and Springfield.
  • 1940s. Enrollees mostly farmers doing their own returns.
  • 1950s. Enrollees include tax practitioners; IRS agents begin to help with instruction.
  • 1960s. Schools more oriented to tax practitioners; Workbooks and other references provided annually.
  • 1969. Illinois state income tax law enacted; State Department of Revenue joins program.
  • 1970s. Attendance grew from just under 2,000 to approximately 4,000 enrollees. Basic Income Tax Preparation telenet courses were offered for the first time.
  • 1980s. Attendance grew from 4,000 to over 5,300 enrollees. Number of schools offered grew to 26. An estimated 1 million federal and .75 million state tax returns were prepared by enrollees. Specialized seminars on S-Corporations and Small Business Issues were held.
  • 1990s. Attendance grew from approximately 5,400 to over 6,200 enrollees. The number of schools grew to 31. Satellite programs were introduced in 1994 and expanded to video-Telnet programs in 1997 and 1998, serving more than 1,700 participants.
  • 2000s. Attendance remains steady at approximately 6,000 participants. Summer seminars which cover in-depth participant-requested topics were initiated in 2001. The name of the program changed from Farm Income Tax School to University of Illinois Tax School in 2003. Webinars were introduced as a delivery method for instruction in 2008. Tax School becomes accredited by NASBA and the IRS, and additionally provides CPE credits for attorneys, CFPs, and insurance agents.
  • 2010s. Fall Tax School adjusts to changes in how tax professionals obtain their CPE by adding more webinars to their offerings and initiating online self-study courses. The 2-day Fall Tax School and in-depth seminars continue to offer CPE to approximately 6,000 tax professionals annually.

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