Welcome to the online Federal Tax Workbook archive. This is a free informational resource that provides an archive of University of Illinois Federal Tax Workbooks, not including the two most recent years. The two most recent Federal Tax Workbooks are included with the Fall Tax School registration.

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Chapter A1: Investments2017-workbookvolume-a
Chapter A2: Employement Issues2017-workbookvolume-a
Chapter A3: Putting Ethics into Practice2017-workbookvolume-a
Chapter A4: IRS Update2017-workbookvolume-a
Chapter A5: Agricultural Issues and Rural Investments2017-workbookvolume-a
Chapter A6: New Developments2017-workbookvolume-a
Chapter A7: Rulings and Cases2017-workbookvolume-a
Chapter B1: Installment Sales2017-workbookvolume-b
Chapter B2: Individual Taxpayer Issues2017-workbookvolume-b
Chapter B3: Small Business Issues2017-workbookvolume-b
Chapter B4: Partner Issues2018-workbookvolume-b
Chapter B4: Partnership Issues2019-workbookvolume-b
Chapter B6: Beneficiary and Estate Issues2017-workbookvolume-b
Index and Additional Information2017-workbookindex
Illinois Tax Update2017-workbookillinois-tax-update
Reference Material2017-workbookreference
Chapter A1: New Legislation – Individual Concerns2018-workbookvolume-a
Chapter A2: Individual Taxpayer Issues2018-workbookvolume-a
Chapter A3: IRS Update2018-workbookvolume-a
Chapter B1: New Legislation – Business Concerns2018-workbookvolume-b
Chapter B2: Small Business Issues2018-workbookvolume-b
Chapter B3: Entity Comparison2018-workbookvolume-b