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Webinar: Get Ready for Filing Season!

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Perhaps you completed your update CPE in the Fall, but are you sure you're ready to go for filing season?

Let us bring you into focus to face the 2020 season with this 2-CPE webinar.

We will cover:

  • Lingering issues from 2019
  • Changes made since Fall 2019
  • New forms recently released
  • Recent guidance and pronouncements from the IRS

This webinar will help tax professionals prepare for tax filing season by reviewing tax law changes recently enacted, tax extenders, and recently issued IRS guidance. It will describe planning opportunities for clients under these provisions and reviews updated forms and schedules. In particular, the Further Consolidated Appropriations Act will be covered including new retirement provisions under the "Secure Act" and various tax credit extenders.

Go into tax season with a clear vision for your clients and your practice!

Webinar Details

Tax School webinars feature audio instruction plus a powerpoint presentation. Each webinar also includes downloadable materials that accompany the presentation.


  • Tuesday, January 28, 2020 from 10:00AM to 12:00PM Central Time

Registration Fee: $50.00

CPE Credits: Up to 2.0 based on attendance and completion of engagement activities.

CPE Filings Available: Illinois MCLE, IRS

Instructor Bio

Tom O'Saben Tom O'Saben has been an instructor for the Tax School since 2009 and joined the Tax School team full-time as Assistant Director, Professional Education and Outreach in 2019. He has also been a presenter with the National Association of Tax Professionals, where he served as a Training Specialist developing curriculum, writing textbooks, and instructing at educational seminars. Tom's practice, established in 1991, provides tax services for approximately 1,000 clients. Tom earned his bachelor's degree from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. He is an enrolled agent (EA).


  • New Legislation both business and individual
    • Further Consolidated Appropriations Act (FCAA)
    • Business Provisions and Extenders
    • Individual Provisions and Extenders
    • Provisions of the SECURE Act as part of FCAA
    • Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds Guidance
    • TD 9884 referring to estate tax clawback
    • Updated Forms both for Individuals and Entities
      • 2019 Form 1040 and Revised Schedules 1–5
      • 2019 Form 1040-SR
      • 2019 Form 1041 with QBID line
      • 2020 Form W-4
  • Other Changes
    • International Changes
  • What Didn't Change
    • No technical correction regarding Bonus Depreciation on QIP
  • ACA recent litigation
    • Filing for Refund of ACA Penalty
  • Federal Legalization of Marijuana?
    • MORE Act making its way through the House
    • SAFE Banking Act (HR 1595) (Passed the House)
  • What to look for with new Clients

Learning Objectives, Materials, and CPE

Learning Objectives: By attending this webinar, you will b e able to:

  • Describe tax law changes recently enacted, tax extenders, and recently issued IRS guidance
  • Advise affected clients about the changes in laws, regulations, and forms
  • Identify planning opportunities for clients under these provisions
  • Examine changes made to long-standing rules associated with retirement planning
CPE credits Up to 2.0 based on attendance duration and completion of engagement activities
Field of Study (NASBA) Taxes (2)
IRS Categories Federal Tax Law Update (2)
IL Insurance N/A
IL MCLE Taxes (1.5)

Please see our CPE FAQ for more information.

Delivery Method: Internet-Based Group

Program Level: Overview

Field of Study: Taxes

Prerequisite(s): Professional experience in preparing tax returns and an understanding of basic tax rules and regulations.

Advanced Preparation: Test your computer system and audio prior to webinar start time (see below).

Materials: Will be available in your Tax School account one week prior to the webinar.

Testing Your System

We offer our webinars using the Webinato platform, which uses your web browser to deliver the content. The only thing that might need to be updated is the version of Flash you are running.

IMPORTANT: Please use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as your web browser for attending the webinar. There are some known incompatibilities with Firefox. You may have some additional steps to enable Adobe Flash in Chrome (see below).

Please test your computer system using the instructions below before the webinar. If you fail to test your system in advance and experience problems, you may not be able to participate in the webinar. We cannot provide refunds because you experience technical problems the day of the webinar. When testing, use the computer you plan to use for participating in the webinar.

NOTE: We recommend using a desktop or laptop computer to attend the webinar rather than a tablet or mobile phone.

  • Make sure that the computer that you will use for the webinar is connected to the Internet with a broadband connection.
  • Make sure that you have functioning speakers or headset to take full advantage of the audio capabilities during the session (all instruction is provided vocally). If you don't want to use your computer speakers or headset, there is phone audio available. The dial-in number, Conference ID, and User ID for phone audio will be given to you once you enter the webinar session.

Testing Instructions

This test should take less than 5 minutes to complete.

On the computer you will be using for the webinar, go to the following web page:


When the page loads, it will walk you through various tests. You will not need a webcam or microphone for the webinar.

If you encounter any problems testing your system, you can check the following resources:

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If your technical problems cannot be resolved, please call the Tax School office at 217-333-0502 for options regarding webinar attendance.

IMPORTANT: If you are using Google Chrome

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Note: You may need to repeat some of these steps when you go to enter the actual webinar, even after testing your system in advance, as Chrome is very persistent on not wanting you to run Flash and resets some of the Flash settings when you close the browser. You may want to bookmark this page.

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