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Like-Kind Exchanges Book Cover

A review of all the steps necessary for a successful like-kind exchange and tax return completion is included in this comprehensive manual. It also describes where on settlement statements (HUD-1) to find necessary information.

2013 edition, 174 pages.

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An Accountant's Guide to Like-Kind Exchanges covers the following topics:

  • Details of the federal tax rules for multi-party exchanges
  • Ideas and strategies for helping taxpayers successfully deal with tax issues related to exchanging real estate and personal property.
  • The theory behind IRC §1031 exchanges, which can help accountants and other tax practitioners recognize exchange situations and opportunities for clients.
  • How to properly prepare Form 8824, Like-Kind Exchanges, using information from real estate closing documents (Form HUD-1).
  • A description of the IRS regulations pertaining to the depreciation method used to calculate cost-recovery deductions in future years.

Many of the sections in the book contain a "Rulings and Cases" subsection, in which pertinent IRS rulings and court cases are noted. These are provided to give insight to tax practitioners as they make planning decisions regarding proposed like-kind exchanges.

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